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Got a question? Check below and hopefully we've got an answer. If not, please contact us.

What is a gear drop? 

Our gear drops will contain a seasonal collection of technical apparel and gear that we have already tested internally and think is amazing. We are looking to you to test them as well and provide feedback.  Gear Drop’s are very limited in quantity and are sold at a HIGHLY discounted price. 


How is the feedback collected? 

We will give you a few weeks to test out the gear, then will send you a short email questionnaire for you to complete.  That’s it! 


What is the cost? 

Each gear drop will vary in price depending on the product assortment but all drops will contain high value products at highly discounted prices. 


If I love an item can I purchase more? 

Once our gear drop products have been thoroughly tested and refined, we will have them available for sale at our regular retail prices on our website.


Returns and Exchanges?

Please contact us and we will do our best to make it right. Please note that Smasher Gear Drops often have limited quantities so exchanges or replacements may be limited. 

Other questions? 

Please contact us.


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